27 May, 2016

Sewing Project #01

Hello my dears,

it's already a long time again since I posted something.
I wanted to write more often here but I just didn't find the time.

Recently I started to organize all my sewing projects and wanted to introduce one of it.
Wearing it is planned for December. I'd like to wear it to "Disney in concert" which Tara and I are going to see then.
For that day I bought the following fabrics:

Purple and emerald

And some more details. I'm really in love with the purple one. It's shiny and looks light purple, dark purple or even black depending on the light!

As you might now already have guessed (since it's Disney and the colors are emerald and purple...) I will make a dress inspired by Ariel!
I'm really looking forward to start and finish it!

Have a nice day!

26 January, 2016

I'm back

Hello my dears,

my last post was nearly one year ago.
Since I just wasn't happy with the blog itself anymore I changed the design a lot.
From now on I will try to continue posting here. Mostly about fashion, food and daily life. But I will try to bring a new topic here: sewing.
Since it's one of my hobbies I will show examples of stuff I sew here and maybe I can also try it with tutorials if you are interested in.

See you

22 April, 2015

Walk at Main River

Hello my dears,

a while ago I made a walk with Tara near the Main river. I love this little piece of nature though usually it's crowded there (when the weather is nice).
Before we enjoyed ourselves in the nice café again.

Tara's cake

My cinnamon parfait I fell in love with

And the pretty tea set you always get there

This is next to the river. I love how there are this old and traditional buildings while you can see the modern skyscapers in the back

I really like the modern buildings of Frankfurt as well

But the traditional buildings are so special!

 A shot of the river itself

And one more. The sky was so blue! But then some clouds were coming

I found this view rather special so I took a photo of it and it came out quite well

That's it for today. Have you ever visited Frankfurt? Even if it just was for a plane change? Tell me about it.