15 May, 2013

Review #1: la farfa [ラ・ファーファ]

Hello everyone!
So today I'll do my first review. It's a magazine review of the Japanese oversize fashion magazine "la farfa". You can take a look on their (Japanese only) website by clicking here.

So what exactly does the magazine provide?
Like every magazine for young women: Photos - lots of photos. Coordination help. Street Snaps. Makeup. Hair.

How much does it cost?

How many pages does the magazine have?
96 pages

What about the content?

So first you can see some cute coordinates divided in "Lady Casual", "Chic Gal" and "Sweet Feminine". They give some points about how to combine like tunic shirt and short pants to coat the body and give a nice shape.
Next to the clothes you can also see where to buy them and how much they are. I think everything is quite cheap. Usually it's around 3000~4000yen per item. Of course there are some exceptions.

There are some pages like this: Showing some coords and providing points about coating the body. How do you get a nice silhouette and stuff like that.

Guess what? Another coordination page. They show the models before and after, point out what's important and what I like most: they even give you size information about the models (height, weight, bust, waist, hip)!

How to dress "oshare" (stylish). These pages are dedicated to the latest fashion trends like now: Spring Style. You can see which colors, patterns and cuts are trendy and how to wear it.

The usual makeup pages. Shading help is also provided to make the face look slimmer.

Hair arange pages for short and long hair.

Here are some "Spring Codes". I really like the one on the very right. Looks pretty ♥

Accessory and more coordinations. They have a bunch of onepieces in the magazine. A lot of them are so pretty.

 Comfortable, chic and trendy shoes!

Of course there are lots of street snaps.

"Career Style"
How to wear the suit right.

 Shop list of the shops named in the magazine.
Next issue is planned in summer 2013.
"ChubbyKawaii" will evolve!

What do you think about the magazine in the end?
I find it quite informative. A lot of useful stuff is written. It's not a gyaru magazine as you probably saw. But still I guess it can help oversize Gals to style up and to become better in coordinations. You might get a better feeling for your body. Also, since the brands and shops are written down you know where to buy these clothes. Even with a "normal" body it might be hard sometimes to get clothes that really fit you (especially pants). I guess that is the main point why I bought the magazine.
Also it's great that there finally is something like this since all the other magazines in Japan promote (sometimes too) skinny models.

Any negative points?
Yes. Skinny models ads on first and last page. Also the magazine's variation is quite low. There are like 50 pages only coordinates and nothing else.

  • Photo Quality:  ❤❤❤♡♡
  • Information:    ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Styling:           ❤❤♡♡♡
  • Variety:           ❤❤♡♡♡
  • Overall:           ❤❤❤♡♡


  1. Aw danke für das Review! Ich kannte das Magazin noch gar nicht und mir würde so etwas wirklich sehr helfen...
    Ich hoffe, ich finde das mal günstig irgendwo ; A ;

    1. Ich finde es wie gesagt ziemlich informativ. Man kann es über OCS bestellen. Kostet dann allerdings etwa 13€...

  2. Aww thank you very much *3* oh, I've never heard of this magazine before, but it looks like a quality one, totally going to lurk and see if I can bought one, 'cause seriously, I miss quality mags to bigger sizes. Before we had all the shapes on gyaru mags, but then, condcepts changed which is sad :/

  3. Wow danke für diese Review. Ich hätte nicht gedacht das es auch Magazine für etwas molligere Mädchen gibt. Das gibt mir auch ein gutes Gefühl.
    Kann man die Scans auch irgendwo im Internet finden? Weil 13€ über OCS ist doch schon etwas kostspielig.

    1. Ja, ist auch das erste und ganz neu auf dem Markt.
      Leider weiß ich nicht, ob es irgendwo Scans gibt. Ich hab bisher keine gesehen. Hab mir das Original gekauft, weils mir dann doch irgendwie wichtig war.

    2. okay danke =) Ich hoffe das es La Farfa doch lange auf dem Markt hält, einfach weil es eine tolle alternative gegenüber den Knochan- und Magermodels ist. =)

      PS schau doch mal in meinem Blog rein^^

  4. I'm not plus sized but I shared because I thought it would be helpful to others. Great blogpost. ^_^