21 February, 2014

I got things

A few days ago I met with Vivi. We know each other for years now. And since she moved to Frankfurt we got time to meet up.
We went to a Asian restaurant where they also have lots of Japanese food and both got Unagidon. I forgot the photo though. Sorry!

Anyway I also got some things from a really cheap shop and it also was on sale. So I paid 11€ for a short blazer/jacket and fur leg warmers.

 It's perfect for warm winter and spring

 Nice fabric and the buttons are so cute!

 Fake fur leg warmers in brown with pom pom

And a random make up shot from some days ago. I wanted to try something heavier.

16 February, 2014

Recipe #8: Autumn Pumpkin Soup

Hello my dears!

Today I want to present you a new recipe I created. It might sound a bit strange at first but it's really good!

What you need for 1 Person:
1 kuri squash
300ml vegetable stock
2-3 tbsp. cream
curry powder
ginger bread spice
chili powder
cumin powder
lemon juice
1 tangerine

Cut the squash (you don't need to peel it) and remove the seeds. Boil it for 10~15 minutes in about 300ml vegetable stock. When the squash is done pureé it and add the cream. Put in salt and pepper. Also add a bit of chili powder (if you like it hot add a bit more) and a little bit lemon juice. Then add a pinch of curry, ginger bread spice and cumin. Stir it well and you're done.
Serve it with a tangerine and some parsley if you like it.

When you try it out tell me how you like it!

Ageha ♥

10 February, 2014

Lucky Pack Opening #2: Coco Lulu (Co&Lu) Men's Happy Bag

This lucky pack is not mine but Tara's. Anyway I want to show you the content of it and what she got. The price was around 7000Yen so it's quite cheap for all the things. Before ordring you could even choose which color your outer and the bento box should have.

This is the back pack everything came in. It's quite big and the quality is also okay. I just think Co&Lu became a bit boring by producing just a black one instead of a colorful back pack.

 Tag detail

Price tag detail

All the things that were in the bag

Co&Lu 5TY6 Shirt in bright yellow

 Tag detail

Price tag detail

Warm vest. I really like the colors of it

 Front detail

 Tag detail

Price tag detail

 Down jacket. Very warm and perfect for winter

 Front detail

 Tag detail

Price tag detail



 Buckle detail

 Leather belt. So I guess it'll be for longer than those plastic belts

 Tag detail

Price tag detail

 Knit cap

Price tag detail

 Colorful bento box


Detail of spoon ans fork. They have those little heart shaped holes! It's really cute~

After all I think it was really worth the price. Though the bento box isn't the best quality everything else seems to be sewn quite good. The materials are alright and also the amount of stuff Tara got.
But I already mentioned the lack of color. Since a while now Co&Lu kind of became a bit pale...
What do you think about it?

Ageha ♥

07 February, 2014

What main interest do you have at reading blogs?

I decided to do a poll where you can decided what you want to see more on this blog.
If you vote it'd be nice if you could specify it. Just leave a comment here.
So I can collect everything and write about it.

Some examples:
"I want to read a reviw about magazine XY"
"I'd like to have recipes with XY"

I'm looking forward to hear from you!

Ageha ♥

03 February, 2014

Gyaru Meetup Frankfurt

Hello everyone!

As you might know on Saturday was the International Gyaru Winter Meetup in Frankfurt. So Tara and me decided to go there.

This is how I looked like

Dress: Lodispotto
Cardigan: Offbrand (DIY)
Skirt 1: Liz Lisa
Skirt 2: Promod
Lace Pants: INGNI

And here some close ups of hair and make up

When we arrived there we had a rather uncomfortable feeling. Like many people looked down at us and everything. It wasn't everyone but... well. We then talked to two other girls who were really nice and we felt good with them. They were friendly and polite and we shared some thoughts which was great.

After standing at the train station for about one hour we left to meet Vivi who we didn't see for years. So we couldn't stay and get to know more of the people or see how everything was going on.
Together with Vivi we went to drink some matcha latte and talked a lot. It was great to see her again. I think last time was in Japan on 11th March 2011 during the big earthquake (we worked at the same place). So it's a really long time since then. And we had lots of topics to talk about. Still there was this feeling of connection which felt really good!

I hope we can see each other more. She moved to Frankfurt so I think it won't be a problem.
Although I wanted to see more of the meet up I think I'll rather keep meeting Vivi in my heart.
Meeting with her is also the reason why I took only three photos.
I'm not really sure if I attend a meet up again. When it's close to my home - maybe. But everything else might be too expensive.
I hope all the other people had fun together. And I'm looking forward to meet those two Gals again!
Ageha ♥