06 May, 2013

Weekend Post #1

So on Saturday genzai, Mohaghi, Tara and I were at a performance of Serdar Somuncu. It was amazing. We laughed a lot and we had so much fun! I'd go again anytime. I know he might be very extreme and radical for some people. But I guess that's just what I like about him.
He himself said: "I say things that others are afraid of to think". And so it really is.
Afterwards we went to our Turkish neighbors. They were so nice and kind. We got some Turkish food and tea.

On Sunday I tried to make some matcha cake. I don't know exactly why but it didn't work out too good. It tastes okay but the structure of the cake isn't very good. So there's also no photo of it. Anyway I'll try it again. Also I want to test out chocolate with liquid matcha milk fillig. I hope I'm able to make it. If so I write a tutorial how to make it!

Here are some photos from my makeup and outfit of Saturday:

Knit: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa


  1. Your hair is always so gorgeous ;O; <3 and you look pretty.
    I wanna try matcha cake so bad!!

    1. Thank you!
      Haha, don't try mine. Maybe... one day... I'm good enough!

  2. Sehr hübsch :)
    Serdar Somuncu ist der hammer :D Ich find den sooo klasse!!!

    1. Dankeschön!
      Ja, nicht wahr? Ich würde am liebsten gleich wieder hin!

  3. du schaust voll süß aus ^^

  4. I love your outfit and make-up! You look very cute :3