30 May, 2014

Japan 3rd part

So this is the last part of my trip to Japan. We didn't do that much anymore but I really enjoyed the time there.

On 19th was our first day in Kyoto. We visited the castle Nijo and also a shrine called Tenmangu. Afterwards we had great dinner: Wagyu. I wanted to eat it at least once.

 Salad from lunch

Lunch: Kanazawa-styled curry rice

Th following photos are from Nijo castle

So after the castle we went to Tenmangu near Kamishichiken

So since we were already next to it we walked a bit through Kamishichiken and had cake in a café.

Cream Puff for me

And strawberry roll cake for Tara
And here's our dinner

It was so delicious!

The next day we went to Kamogawa-Odori - a Geika/Maiko dancing event in Pontocho.

Our lunch: Sashimi, Tempura and Udon

 And cake on afternoon: Apple pie for Tara

And Matcha Ice Cream Zenzai for me

Afterwards we walked a bit through Gion

And finally the Kamogawa-Odori started

In Gion

House in Gion

Our dinner was Okonomiyaki and Omsoba but I forgot to take a picture of the Okonomiyaki

This is the last photo. It was from 21st. We went to a Matcha restaurant that day.

I had a safe flight back home although it was really exhausting. During the whole flight where turbulences and I didn't sleep at all. Anyway I enjoyed my time in Japan and I'm looking forward going there again.

Ageha ♥

20 May, 2014

Japan 2nd part

And now finally comes my 2nd entry about Japan. There will be another two posts about it following.

Click on the link to go on reading. IMAGE HEAVY

15 May, 2014

My first week in Japan

So finally I have time to write a blog entry about Japan. I'm here since 8th May and I really enjoy it. The temperature is alright and it's mostly sunny. We already got to see and to eat so many things *w*

Please beware that this post is image heave. Click on the link to see all the photos.

06 May, 2014

Tutorial #1: Makeup

Hello everyone,

I was asked to make a makeup tutorial. Finally I did it and I will show it to you in this post.

First of all here are the things I use

 Derma Blend in opal by VICHY
As for powder I use L.A Girls' brightest color and white HD powder

 False Lash Effect Fusion by Max Factor
Skinmatch Blush in Peachy Coral by Astor
Gel Eyeliner by Maybellin

Also I used some cheap eyeshadow I got in a huge box.

Upper Lashes: Vanilla Birthday - Sweet Eye
Lower Lashes: Fairy Lash - Sexy Eye

This is how I start: Purple Lenses, lotion, makeup foundation and powder.

 Drawn eyebrows, nose shading, mascara, blush, eyeshadow (brown, beige and plum)

 I drew a line with brown eyeshadow right under my tearline. Then I added white eyeshadow on it.
Sorry for the blurry photo.

Eyeliner on the upper lid and in the inner corners of my eyes

 Upper lashes glued on.
Important: Use mascara to stick your lashes to the fake lashes so you can't tell fake from real

Lower lashes glued on
Important: Glue them UNDER your real bottom lashes, not ON them
And you're done!
Some random photos to follow:

 Onepiece: Liz Lisa

I hope you like the tutorial and it helps you with your makeup.

Ageha ♥