18 October, 2013

Review #5: Dresslink Order

Some more stuff from Dresslink arrived. So I wanted to write a review again. This time it's not as positive as the first time.

There are some things I ordered.
A blouse, a dress, short pants and overknee socks

It took quite a while to arrive ~2-3 weeks. But it's okay since I cose the cheapest shipping which is always very slow.

I'll start with the socks. I chose the white ones.

I paid $2,37 for them which is really cheap. The quality is good. They are thick and strechy. Anyway they are quite small. Since I have long legs they are overknees but they are short. They end about 1-2cm above the knee. Still I like them and for that price it was good!

This is the blouse. I ordered it in apricot. It's a nice, light beige color. You can't really see it on the photo. I tried to edit it but it looks a bit too red. I paid $8,60 for it. I was really afraid the sleeves might not fit since I'm very tall and so the sleeves from Asian clothes are often too short for me. Not this time. They are very long and fit perfect. Also the quality is quite okay for that price. You can't see through and it's not that shiny as on the photo.

You can see the inside here. So the sewing isn't done neatly but okay.

And this is the bow in the front. It looks so cute and I'm sure the blouse will fit my axes femme stuff perfect!

Next one is the short pants. I'm glad I ordered it in a bigger size than I actually need since it's so short otherwise. I like the way it's done although the length of the crotch is so small.

Last and least: the dress. On their site it looked really good. As if you could now see through and also the skirt looks quite fluffy. I paid $8.99 for this:

You can look right through it. The fabric is cheap, the sleeves are very short and the skirt...

I don't think it needs any words. It's just ugly. The quality is so bad. The skirt underneath is also nearly transparent. It's not cut straight... I'm a bit sad about it. I really looked forward for getting that dress.

This is the belt that came with the dress. This is something I can use for sure! So the order of the dress wasn't completely useless. Maybe I can change a bit about the dress so it looks better. I don't know yet.

Still I would try Dresslink again and I already did. I ordered a bag. I didn't get it yet though.

  • Quality:         ❤❤❤♡♡
  • Service:         ❤❤❤❤♡
  • Fabric:           ❤❤❤♡♡
  • Price:             ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Satisfaction:  ❤❤❤❤♡
  • Overall:         ❤❤❤♡♡

Did you ever order from Dresslink? How was your experience?

Ageha ♥

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