30 April, 2014

Sushi for Dinner

Hello, my dears!

A while ago I went downtown with Tara. We tried out another restaurant - where I sadly forgot to take a photo. I got some teppan yaki grilled tofu filled with spinach and lots of vegetables to it. Tara got yakiniku-don which was also very good.

Since we have lots of Japanese restaurants here and even a bento shop we thought we could get some sushi for dinner. So we took sushi to go and ate it at home. Although not everything was 'traditional sushi it was really good. They mixed tuna with mayo or took cream cheese with shrimp. It was really good!

 What we got

 Detail photo 1

detail photo 2

 Outfit shot 1

 Outfit shot 2
Knit: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Choux-Choux: Liz Lisa

 Also I tried the new Liz Lisa lashes I told you about

Here you can see them better

What is your favorite type of sushi?

Ageha ♥

24 April, 2014

Weekend at my mum's place

Hello everyone!
How are you?

A while ago I was at my mum's place for some days. The weather was nice and warm. So the flowers in the garden started to bloom. I walked around and took lots of photos. Also we were on a birthday party and I met some friends from high school.

 My outfit for the travel
Necklace: miiia
Knit: Honeys COLZA
Pants: Liz Lisa
Pants 2: axes femme

 Makeup shot

makeup detail

Random photo of Suki ♥

And lots of photos from the garden

 Aren't the flowers pretty?
When I met my friends this is how I looked like:

And this is for the birthday:

 Onepiece by axes femme
Also the head bow is by axes femme

This was my present: hand made chocolate with roses.

My mum and me also made a cake. It was so good!

And since sping comes we remade my dad's grave. Now there are tulips and other spring flowers on it. When I went to the grave again a while later the flowers looked like this:

But that's it about my weekend. It went by so fast. Time always flies.
Since we now have travel buses in Germany it's very cheap to visit her and I'll do again as soon as possible.

Ageha ♥

19 April, 2014

Recipe #9: Matcha Cake

Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to show you a very easy and fast recipe for matcha cake.

This is what you need for it

1-2 eggs

baking powder
matcha powder

You start with the eggs. Put them into a bowl and weigh them. Add the same amount of flour (add 1-2 tsp of baking powder to it), sugar and butter.  Stir it well. Add the amount of matcha powder you like. Mix it again and put the dough into a baking mold.

After about 20-45min with 180°C the cake is ready to serve.
Baking time depends on how many eggs you use. If you take two of them it's about 30min. For three eggs it might be (!) up to 45min.

14 April, 2014

Birthday Party

Hello everyone!

A while ago I went to a friend's birthday party. I didn't take pictures there but I gonna show you some outfit and make up photos of that day.

Necklace: miiia

make up detail

 Knit: magender
Skapants: Liz Lisa Replica

Back detail: little bows ♥

And here is a random photo of unagidon (eel on rice) I ate a while ago. It was so good!

That's all for now!

Ageha ♥

06 April, 2014

Liz Lisa Sale

Some time ago you could buy clothes from Liz Lisa sooo incredibly cheap. I decided to get a knit since I don't really have many of them and some bottom lashes. I don't regret it at all.

I gonna start with the bottom lashes:

 without flash

with flash

They are really, really pretty! I love the design of them but the tape is so wide. You can hardly put it to your eye. I had to cut it in two pieces. Otherwise it didn't work out. It's a bit sad it's like this, right? I expected better quality for an original price of ~15€. I got them for 5€ in sale.

 It's an off shoulder knit dress.

 Brand tag

 Price tag. I paid ~15€


More details

I'm really happy I got that knit dress. It's warm, comfortable and fluffy. I wore it some times now and it's so nice. For warmer days also and for colder days. Although it's made fo Japanese girls it's actually pretty long. So I can also wear it as a dress without any problems. Still I'm wearing shorts under it since otherwise it would be a bit dangerous, right?

How do you like it? Did you try Liz Lisa false lashes?

Ageha ♥