28 March, 2014

Japanese Lunch

Hello everyone!

Did you know there are sooo many Japanese restaurants in Frankfurt? Tara and I want to try lots of them to find the best one. So on weekend we usually have lunch at those places.
This time the restaurant was called Sushimoto.
Tara had a sushi plate. I got chirashi sushi. Chirashi sushi is like sashimi on rice.

This is what I got. Looks delicious, right?

There were so many different types of fish on the rice.

But actually it only looked delicious. It wasn't. The fish didn't really taste like... anything. My ohtoro (fat tuna) was slimey and also had no taste. There was some stuff inside which tasted like meat balls and also looked like it. I'm quite disappointed to be honest...
Also the atmosphere in the restaurant itself wasn't good. It was way too loud. The waitress wasn't very friendly... So we won't go there again I guess.

Afterwards we wanted to eat some cake so we had it at a Japanese cafe.

It's called Mt. Fuji

It's mont blanc with matcha

And Azuki Latte with kuromizu

The cake and the drink were very good. After all it was a nice day although the lunch wasn't really good.

Do you have a good restaurant at your place? And how do you like Japanese food at all?

Ageha ♥

20 March, 2014

La Farfa Shop List

Since I was asked to write down the shop list that's noted in the back of La Farfa magazine I wrote down everything.
It's sorted Japanese so I hope you get along with it. I also added the links to the brand sites so it's easier for you to navigate. The cosmetic stuff I made smaller so you can see the fashion stores better.

アナスイコスメティックス [Anna Sui Cosmetics - LINK]
井田ラボラトリーズ(キャンメイク) [Ida Laboratories (Canmake) - LINK]
イトキンカスタマーサービス [Itokin - LINK]
イミュ [Imju - LINK]
エウルキューブ [Eur3 - LINK]
お世話や [Osewaya - LINK]
オリエンタルトラフィック(ダブルエー) [Oriental Traffic (Double A) - LINK]

Carhartt Store Tokyo [LINK]
貝印 お客様相談室 [Kai Group - LINK]
花王(ビオレ) [Kao (Biore) - LINK]
カオリノモリラフォーレ原宿店 [Kaori no Mori - LINK]
カバーマーク カスタマーセンター [Cover Mark - LINK]
Grandedge渋谷109店 [LINK]
クレアーズ [Claire's - LINK]
グレイル原宿駅前店 [GRL[Grail] - LINK]
ケサランパサラン カスタマーセンター [Kesalan Patharan - LINK]
神戸レタス [Kobe Lettuce - LINK]
コージー本舗 [Koji Honpo - LINK]
コーセー(エスプリーク・ヴェセ) [Kose (Esprique) - LINK]
コンバース インフォメーションセンター [Converse - LINK]

サカゼン馬喰町店 [Sakazen - LINK]
サブストリート マイスタンダード [Substreet My Standard - LINK]
ザ・ボディショップ [The Bodyshop - LINK]
三愛水着楽園 [Sanai Mizugi Rakuen - LINK]
シーズン [Season - LINK]
資生堂 [Shiseido - LINK]
しまむら [Shimamura - LINK]
シャンティ [Chantilly - LINK]
ジャンパール [Jean Pearl - LINK]
jammy横浜店 [jammy - LINK]
shop NikoNiko [LINK]
スズタンカブリ中野サンモール店 [Suzutan - LINK]
SUPER HAKKA / super hakka feuille [LINK]
スケッチャーズ ジャパン お客様コールセンター [Skechers - LINK]
スピンズ原宿店 [Spinns - LINK]
スマイルランド [SmiLeLand - LINK]
セシール [Cecile - LINK]
セザンヌ化粧品 [Cezanne - LINK]

タビオ(靴下屋) [Tabio (Socks) - LINK]
ダイアナ銀座本店 [Diana - LINK]
チュチュアンナ [Tutu Anna - LINK]
ディー・アップ [D-Up - LINK]
T-Garden カスタマーセンター [LINK]
Decorative [LINK]
ドクターシーラボ [Dr.Ci:Labo - LINK]

nowistyle [LINK]
ニッセン [Nissen - LINK]
ヌオーヴォ [Nuovo - LINK]
northcorner [LINK]

A Happy Marilyn [LINK]
ハニーサロン / ハニーサロンルミネエスト新宿店 [LINK]
ハニーズ [LINK]
パラドゥ カスタマーセンター [Parado - LINK]
Hanjiro Harajuku [LINK]
ビヨンクール阪急メンズ大阪店 [Beyond Cool - LINK]
フードコスメ(スキンフード) [Foodcosme (Skinfood) - LINK]
フェリシモ [Felissimo - LINK]
PLAZA カスタマーサービス室 [LINK]
plump(セシール) [plump (Cecile) - LINK]
ふりふ [Furifu - LINK]
文化屋雑貨店 [Bunkaya Zakkaten - LINK]
ベルメゾン(千趣会) [Belle Maison - LINK]
Bonita新宿ALTA店 [LINK]

MOON (Soso) [LINK]
ムーンスター お客様相談室 [Moon Star - LINK]
メイべリン ニューヨーク お客様相談室 [Maybelline New York - LINK]
Momo wonder [LINK]
モンスタードロップス [Monster Drops - LINK]
モンキーバイト [MONKEY BITE - LINK]

夢展望 [Yumetenbo/DreamV - LINK]

Re-J / Re-Jオリナス錦糸町店 [LINK]
リベルタ [Liberta - LINK]
Reir [LINK]
レブロン [Revlon - LINK]
ロージーローザー [Rosy Rosa - LINK]

ワコールお客様センター [Wacoal - LINK]

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Ageha ♥

17 March, 2014

White Day

Hello everyone!

How are you?
Did you know it was White Day on Friday (14th March)?
The Japanese made it up. On Valentine's Day girls give boys chocolate if they like them. And when the boys have the same feelings towards a girl they give them something white in return on White Day.

This year I made chocolate again for Tara. It was really good! I kind of become better every year.
Last Friday in return she gave me white lilies since they are my favorite flowers ♥

Aren't they beautiful?

Did you get something on White Day or did you make someone a present on that day?

Ageha ♥

05 March, 2014

One day in Frankfurt

Hello everyone!

On 4th February I had the opportunity to meet Tina (you can find her blog here). She flew to Taipeh the next day and since she flew from Frankfurt she came one day earlier so we could meet up. It was really nice to see her. We got along really well. After a while of walking we went to a Japanese Café and sat down to talk. Tara joined us after work.

My make up for that day

Close up of my make up

 Blouse: Dresslink
Onepiece: axes femme
Lace Pants: axes femme
Hair Band: axes femme

Here you can see the hair band, blouse and the lace pants better

Here are two photos from our walk through Frankfurt. I didn't take any photos before. But since Tina took some I didn't feel so strange also taking photos.

 Commerzbank Buldings

Frankfurt's cathedral

This is what we all had for dinner: Ramen. This one is Tara's, Tina took one with chicken and I chose one without meat.

With Tina ♥ She's so pretty!

And the three of us together.

Also finally after a long time I could get the magazine I wanted! Liz Lisa X My Melody Special Collection Mook! It shows the fall/winter collection and also it comes with a cute two way tote bag.

Front of the magazine. With the model Reina Triendl.

Liz Lisa print side

 My Melody print side


Isn't it cute? I really like the bag. And although the My Melody side is quite nice I think I prefere the more neutral Liz Lisa print side.

Thank you for the great day, Tina.! Let's meet again! Have fun in Taipeh ♥

Ageha ♥