26 December, 2013

Hair Dresser

On 21st I went to the hair dresser. I just couldn't stand my long hair anymore. So I went to cut it. It came out so well! I love the new hair style. On 24th I also changed the color.

Knit: Liz Lisa
Skirtpants: Liz Lisa Replica

Last photo of my long hair. It actually wasn't that long but...

And my new hair right after the hair dresser

  On 25th December. Censored because of ugly face.

How do you like the new style? What do you prefere? Long or short?

Ageha ♥

24 December, 2013

Merry Christmas

Today is the 24th December. Although it doesn't look like winter outside that much...
I hope you can enjoy this day with your family, friends and/or pets!

Merry Christmas!

This morning's sky. It was orange, pink and yellow. Sadly the photos didn't come out that well

Frankfurt's skyline

Zoom-in photo of the skyline

See you soon!

Ageha ♥

17 December, 2013

Winter is coming and so is Christmas

Hello everyone!

Long time no see. But here I am again.

It's getting cold outside. Snow is falling at many places (not here though) and soon it'll be Christmas. I'm really excited to see my Mum again although I saw her a few weeks ago.
Tara and me decorated our apartment with lights and of course a Christmas tree.

On 1st Advent

Our Christmas Tree
We decided to take blue and silver for decoration this year. It's kind of Ravenclaw-Style. Haha.
As you know I love Harry Potter. And I'm a Ravenclaw. So it's perfect!
This is a present I made me myself. I waited for it so long. Nintendo 3DS Zelda Special Editon!
If you'd like to add me: 2466-2917-0683. This is my Friends Code.
Please tell me your friends code if you added me.

This was Tara's Birthday present for me. A Link Plushy!

This is a CD I got from ErdbeerFox. Jero's Umiyuki. I really like Jero and Enka in general.

A new cute skirtpants from (replica) Liz Lisa. It's warm and fluffy. Perfect for winter.

Last but not least I'd like to show you something special: My new Harry Potter books.
There was a really good offer on So I got all the Japanese editions from Harry Potter. I even got a refund since they couldn't send it out the same day.

The whole collection

Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban

Goblet of Fire (1+2), Order of the Phoenix (1+2)

Half Blood Prince (1+2), Deathly Hallows (1+2)

The covers are really nice. I like it that they also have different pictures for every part one and two. I hope I can read it as soon as possible.

There's also something else I'd like to show you. Especially German speaking readers.
Together with Tara I made a Dir en grey translation website a while ago. I redid it and now it's an interactive forum. It's German only. So the translations are also German.
It'd be nice if you took a look at it.

That's it for today!
See you next time!

Ageha ♥

09 December, 2013

Review #6: Dresslink Order

Again I got some of the stuff I ordered from Dresslink.

I chose a knit, a turtle neck shirt and a UV-cut cardigan. Together with shipping I paid $26,58.

The knit looked rosé on the stock photos. But it's actually quite... pink. But the quality is okay, it's warm and very comfotable. Also the sleeves fit me which I'm glad about.

This is the cardigan. It's white and very very thin. So it'll be perfect for summer. I bought it in advance. I hope it really has UV cut... The quality is good for it's price.

The shirt is very tight (also the sleeves). But still it's okay and fits me. The lace looks alright.

And I love the shoulder part.

  • Quality:         ❤❤❤❤♡
  • Service:         ❤❤❤❤♡
  • Fabric:           ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Price:             ❤❤❤❤♡
  • Satisfaction:  ❤❤❤❤♡
  • Overall:         ❤❤❤❤♡

Ageha ♥

06 December, 2013


Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our little rat Rikka.

After she fell and had cervical injury we brought her to the vet to put her to sleep.

February 2013 - 5th December 2013

27 November, 2013


It's quite a long time since my last personal post. But today here is my new one.

First of all I will start with outfit and makeup shots.

 I really like those lenses and also this more natural style of makeup.
I hope I can even improve it.

Knit: magender
Brown Skirtpants: Liz Lisa
Beige Skirtpants: axes femme

Since sunday is my birthday I already got one present from genzai.

She got a free day so she wanted to play it with me. We really enjoyed it! It's a great game. I especially love the graphics since it's so different from other games.

Last weekend I then went to my mums place. Usually I take the train (which is ~40€) but since it's too expensive I now tried out a highway bus. It only costs 12€ so it's really cheap! And it was quite comfortable and quiet.

This is what the bus looked like from the inside

When I arrived at the house it was snowing and it looked so beautiful! We didn't have snow yet in Frankfurt so I enjoyed it. But it was gone so fast again. I hope we'll get lots of snow so I can have a walk to the nearby park area.

How is it with your home? Did you already have snow? Do you wish for snow?

Ageha ♥

24 November, 2013

Recipe #7: Fennel-Coco-Sesame-Sauce

I got some fennel in my vegetable box today. It's a box I get every Thursday and is filled with fruits and vegetables. Sadly I don't like fennel at all. But my mom loves it. So I thought about something I could cook for her and put it into the fridge until she comes to my home. I decided to make a sauce.
Since I had coconut milk left I wanted to use it for the sauce.

For two persons you need:
1 fennel
3-4 garlic cloves
1-2tbsp. sesame
250ml coconut milk
300ml fish bouillon [use vegetable bouillon if you're vegan/vegetarian]
sesame oil
pepper, salt

Cut the fennel in very thin stripes. Chop the garlic and fry it with the sesame (in sesame oil) in a cooking pot. Afer about 2 minutes add the fennel and fry it until it becomes transparent. Add the bouillon and the coconut milk. Stir it and add salt and pepper. Cook it until the fennel is soft and done. If the sauce is a bit too thin add some cold water you added flour to.
It might take (depending on how thick you cut the fennel) 10~15minutes until everything is done.
If you like to, also add a bit of the herbs from the fennel.

As I said I don't like fennel but this tastes so good! I want to eat it myself!

I hope you like it as well

Ageha ♥

18 November, 2013

Sponsored Review #1: Hansgrohe Shower Head

So this is my first sponsored review. I got the "Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 3jet EcoSmart Shower Head" for trying it out. Before I only got some cheaps discounter shower head.

This is how it looks like from the side. You can see the "SELECT" button where you can change the water jet.

Here is a low-angle shot.

When I took a shower with it I felt an instant difference to the shower head I got before. The water jets are so different and I alredy found my favorite.

It's a jet just from the middle. Actually there are three jets and they move somehow. It's relaxing if you hold it on your shoulders or back if you're in pain. I'm not really the type for this but I guess it can be nice if you like it.

It's a normal water jet like every shower has it.

This is my favorite. It's water mixed with air. And it's so soft and gentle on the skin. It feels like you're standing in the rain. It's so nice. I love it!

After all I have to say I really enjoyed trying it out and I love taking a shower more than I did before. I always tried to shower very fast. Now it changed somehow and I love standing under the water for quite a while.

  • "Rain":          ❤❤❤❤♡
  • "WhirlAir":    ❤❤❤♡♡
  • "RainAir":      ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Quality:         ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Satisfaction:  ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Overall:         ❤❤❤❤❤

Ageha ♥

13 November, 2013

Outfit post

Since my last post with that topic was quite a while ago I'm going to show you now. Fall has come and soon it's winter. In many parts of Europe and Germany it's already snowing. I can't wait until it's also snowing here!

When it's colder I love to layer stuff. Like a blouse, a knit, a cardigan and some shawl or poncho. It's comfy and warm. But this time I didn't layer too much...

Onepiece: Liz Lisa
Chouchou: Liz Lisa

And this is my makeup that time

I hope you like it.

How do you enjoy dressing in fall and winter? What clothes do you wear?

Ageha ♥

07 November, 2013

DIY: Pimp Your Cardigan

I looked through my closet and searched for things that won't fit me anymore. By doing that I found an old cardigan. It's huge, haha. So it's way too big. Since it's still cute and comfy I wanted to change it. So I added some lace and frills.

 This is what it looked like before

 And this is how it looks now

 I'm in love with the sleeves!

And this is the next piece I'm going to change: a knit from H&M

I hardly find any cute stuff in the stores here. So when I buy something I already imagine how it'll look like later. Also I have an old lavender jeans I'm going to change. I'll show you the photos then!

Ageha ♥

28 October, 2013

Recipe #6: Baked Eggplant

After reading an recipe about eggplants I though "What could I do?"
I love dishes baked with cheese and this was really good!

What you need per person:
1 eggplant
70g minced meat
1/4 onion
1-2 garlic cloves
50g couscous
1 can chopped tomatoes

Start with the couscous. You'll need ~100ml boiling water. Pour it over the couscous, add salt, stir it and leave it like this for about 10 minutes. While waiting prepare the other things. Cut the eggplant in half and scratch out inside of it until about 1cm is left. Chop the onion and the garlic and put it into a fry pan, fry it for about 1~2 minutes. Add the meat. Fry it until there's no raw meat left.
Put half of the tomato can in one bow, the other half in another. Add the meat to one bowl and mix it with the tomatoes. Add herbs, salt, pepper, spice and whatever else. Do the same with the couscous. Put it into the other bowl and also mix it with the tomatoes.
Now fill the eggplants. One should be filled with the meat-tomato mix. The other one should be filled with the couscous mix.
Before baking it in the oven add the cheese and now leave it in the fan oven for ~20min with 180°C.

I hope you like the recipe. It's nothing special but so delicious!

Ageha ♥

24 October, 2013

My favorite: fall/winter

I want to start a new tag on this blog called "my favorite". There I'll present you my favorite clothing or accessory for the season.

Today it's gonna be for fall and winter.
It's my new Liz Lisa scarf.

 without flash

 with flash


It's a huge scarf and a bow you can put the scarf through so it's closed. You can also wear it around you shoulders as a stole. It's very warm and I love the color that fits everything. The details like the lace and the Liz Lisa writing is also so cute. Since it was from the new collection that came out when I have been to Osaka it's a bit expensive. I paid ~40€ for it but it's worth it. ♥
For warmer days in fall you can wear it instead of a coat, using it as a stole. And for winter it'll be a warm and cozy scarf.