23 February, 2015

Lucky Pack Opening #5: Cocolulu/Co&Lu

Hello my dears,

finally I'm able to write the last opening for this year: Cocolulu.
Tara bought it for 10,000yen plus shipping and customs. Together it was about 160€.
She's really satisfied with everything though she won't buy another one next year. Cocolulu once was as you might know really colorful and had this happy kind of amekaji. Now everything became so boring. Even the new SS15 collection is just plain and the many colors are missing. It's really sad. There was this other label called Blue Moon Blue which had the same style but it's gone. Well... everything is kind of dying.

This is the backpack everything came in. It's very soft material and seems to be quite good quality.

Brand tag on the side.

Thick winter jacket. The yellow and orange stripes are actually really pale not that strong. It looks quite nice.

Tag details

Another jacket. It's dark blue denim and really nice.

Tag details

 Shirt #1. Very soft material

Tag details

 Shirt #2

Tag details

 Tracksuit Pants with blue, yellow and green pattern

 Brand (5ty6) logo details

Tag details

 Leather belt

 With brand name (5ty6) on it

Tag details

 Leather wallet chain

Tag details

 Co&Lu Mug package

Was available in blue and pink. Tara took blue

That's it about it. As you can see despite the jacket and maybe the pants nothing really is colorful but quite plain. The girl's fashion is still a bit different anyway men's fashion by Coandlu is just... boring.

What do you think about it?

17 February, 2015

Mooks & Dress love!

Hello everyone!

A while ago I got two mooks I'd like to show you.
One of them is axes femme only and the other one is a collab with Disney's Frozen!

 This mook shows the autumn and winter 2014 collection of axes femme. In addition to that there also is the following item inside

 Winter tote bag!

Isn't it beautiful!?

This is the second mook. There's also an item inside of it:

This cute little bag with Frozen print ♥

As you can see I'm in love with that brand for a while now. I also showed you photos of a dress I got for Christmas. I finally could wear it! Here are some photos!

How do you like the items?

Ageha ♥

01 February, 2015

Lucky Pack Opening #4: axes femme 2015

Hello my dears!

As I wrote in my last post a second Lucky Pack opening will come. This time it's axes femme's 2015 Lucky Pack.
I paid about 160€ with shipping and another 40€ for customs (together with Liz Lisa).

I will keep all of the items since they are amazing! Each one of them!

This is the package everything cam in. It's so cute! I will keep it was a storage box.

This coat is just awsome! The fabric is very soft and a bit shiny.
I love the many deatils like the collar, pockets and the sleeves!

Pocket & ribbon details

Sleeve details

Collar details

This is the second item I found in the bag. A soft dress made out of winter fabric. It's perfect for autumn, winter or even cold sping days.

Look at the lace and the print. Isn't it adorable?!

 Light yellow longsleeve I will most probably wear under dresses.

Collar details

 Another longsleeve made out of very nice fabric. It's a kind of greyish light pink that will fit lots of my dresses.

 Collar details

Front details

 This was the last item I found in the bag. A floral pattern skirt that's even long enough to fit me when I wear it on my waist. It's so fluffy and the print looks beautiful!

Print details

For next year I decided to just get a axes femme bag. No Liz Lisa anymore. The quality isn't as good as axes femme's but I pay much more for less items. It's not worth it for me. Still I'm glad I got the trunk though. What do you think of it?
See you!
Ageha ♥