01 February, 2015

Lucky Pack Opening #4: axes femme 2015

Hello my dears!

As I wrote in my last post a second Lucky Pack opening will come. This time it's axes femme's 2015 Lucky Pack.
I paid about 160€ with shipping and another 40€ for customs (together with Liz Lisa).

I will keep all of the items since they are amazing! Each one of them!

This is the package everything cam in. It's so cute! I will keep it was a storage box.

This coat is just awsome! The fabric is very soft and a bit shiny.
I love the many deatils like the collar, pockets and the sleeves!

Pocket & ribbon details

Sleeve details

Collar details

This is the second item I found in the bag. A soft dress made out of winter fabric. It's perfect for autumn, winter or even cold sping days.

Look at the lace and the print. Isn't it adorable?!

 Light yellow longsleeve I will most probably wear under dresses.

Collar details

 Another longsleeve made out of very nice fabric. It's a kind of greyish light pink that will fit lots of my dresses.

 Collar details

Front details

 This was the last item I found in the bag. A floral pattern skirt that's even long enough to fit me when I wear it on my waist. It's so fluffy and the print looks beautiful!

Print details

For next year I decided to just get a axes femme bag. No Liz Lisa anymore. The quality isn't as good as axes femme's but I pay much more for less items. It's not worth it for me. Still I'm glad I got the trunk though. What do you think of it?
See you!
Ageha ♥

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