28 July, 2013


So yesterday I went to the hairdresser. I couldn't stand the long hair anymore. Now it's short again. There's no photo yet since I want to dye it before taking a photo. Anyway here's is my last photo with long hair (I love my natural curls!)

Other than this I also had a long talk with someone of a Japanese CGI company. It was really interesting. He said I'd have the opportunity to go to Japan for several years and work for that company. I don't really want to move to Japan for such a long time. Also it's Tokyo which I quite dislike. Anyway it's a job he offered me. I didn't have to apply for it...
Still I'm not sure about it. I guess when I'm in Tokyo in September I'll go to that company and take a look at the things they are doing. Maybe it's just not the right thing for me. Maybe something else is better? But I'd learn Japanese, Photoshop and 3D GFX. Afterwards I could work at another place in Germany where I can use the learned Japanese... I'm not really sure about it...

After the talk we went home. But we also had great lunch at a Japanese restaurant:

This is mine. Mix Fry, Udon, Rice of course, Tsukemono,...

This is Tara's. Yakinikudon and Udon.

Both were so delicious!
But it was also so hot inside. We had 36°C. Inside without a aircon it was impossible!

Last but not least a shot of my outfit

And a close up makeup shot

23 July, 2013

CSD // Unagi no Hi (Eel Day)

So on Saturday we went to the gay pride festival CSD. It was really fun to watch the parade. Afterwards we sat down and talked for hours ate some indian dinner and went home afterwards. It was so hot that day but I really enjoyed it.
So here are a few photos from the parade.

Aren't her legs beautiful?

Sorry for the bad photo. But the outfit was awsome!

Didn't get a proper photo. But it's alright anyway.

 I saw them again later. Their makeup was really pretty.

 That looked fantastic!


And some more DHL

The cards weren't that pretty but still it was fun. The people were in great mood and the atmosphere was very comfortable.

My outfit that day

Dress: Orsay
Belt: Liz Lisa

Yesterday it was also really hot. Around 34°C. A girl from the restaurant invited me for lunch. It was day of eel yesterday. So we could eat unagidon (eel on rice). It was so delicious! I never had eel before even in Japan. So I was happy I could eat it there.
We had a seat in the small tatami room.

Miso soup with spinach, hakusai-zuke (pickled cabbage), wakame-kyuuri-su (pickled cucumber and seewad) and the unagidon of course

My outfit yesterday and makeup shots that are better this time.

Last but not least I bought some new second hand stuff. I'm so in love with the first tee.

And that's it for now! I hope you like that post.
See you next time!

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17 July, 2013

I got things!

So today I finally finished my thesis today. It's about the gaki (hungry ghosts) in the Japanese hell. I'm so fascinated of the Japanese hell and all its demons, ghosts and other creatures. I really want to research more about this.

But since I'm free now I can do other stuff and concentrate on for example my trip to Japan. I'll hand it in tomorrow. I hope it'll be good.

Anyway today I got some stuff I ordered the last days and I really want to show you.

Those ar Coco Lulu earmuffs. They are so fluffy and cute. They were in sale since it's summer of course. And so I thought "why not?". I didn't have any. So that's perfect.

And I got those floral short pants. They were actually quite cheap. And they fit perfect. Although they look white in the photo they have this nice bright pink color. The fabric is very soft and stretchy so it's very nice to wear them.

Last but not least I got this shirt-dress. I always wanted a shirt with an open back. So this is very nice. It's black with a huge butterfly print and ruffled sides. The back is open and there are those pink cross ribbons.
Since it is second hand it also was very cheap.

That's it for now. I hope I can blog again soon!
See you!

13 July, 2013

ukiyo-e exhibition

Today genzai, Mohaghi, Tara and me (like we seem to always hang together) went to a museum to visit an exhibition where they showed some ukiyo-e. If you don't know what ukiyo-e is click here: Wiki.
They didn't have too much but around fifty pictures and books. I'm in love with drawings of courtesans (tayuu and oiran). They are so beautiful. You really should check them out. I also was surprised they had a yokai-picture. It showed a huge skeleton attacking some samurai (I think).
In August they will exchange the pictures for new ones. So there is a part two of the exhibition. We already decided to go there of course! And I'm really looking forward to it.

 This is the flyer for the exhibition

Afterwards we went to a Korean restaurant. I wanted to try it out once. The others had Korean BBQ (Bulgogi) and I go Bibimbap which was rice with vegetables and shiitake. It was very hot and tasted so good. Anyway I don't like Korean dishes as much as I like Japanese ones.

I also found the time to got to NewYorker with Tara. Since there was sale everything was cheaper than before. So I ended up with a new bag she bought for me. It's so pretty. Some like pink color with flowers on blue background.

Doesn't it look pretty? I will use it in Japan very often I guess. It's style is just perfect for my clothes. So I'm very happy with it.

Here is a photo of me from today.

See you again soon!

07 July, 2013

Review #2: Lenses // Shopping Day

So this is the first time I'll write a lens review. I hope you like it.

Brand: Super Pinky
Color: Violet
Size: 14.8mm
Water: 45%
Price: $25,90

 Without lenses

 With one lens

 With both lenses


  • Comfort:         ❤❤❤❤❤
    • They are very comfortable. I wore them the whole day and didn't even feel them!
  • Enlargement:  ❤❤❤❤♡
    • It's not too much. But it looks great and also quite natural.
  • Color:              ❤❤❤❤♡
    • The color is stunning! I love it! As you can see it's very strong.
  • Price:               ♡♡♡♡♡
    • I guess the price is okay. I got it free within a big order and also got free shipping. But I guess ~$26 isn't too much.
  • Overall:           ❤❤❤❤❤

So since I was in Frankfurt with Tara I wore the lenses and a new wig I got. It fits the style perfectly!

 Dress: Liz Lisa
Belt: Liz Lisa
Hat: offbrand
Socks: offbrand
Cardigan: offbrand

Close-up of my makeup

Hat close-up

I'm sorry I don't write too much these days. I'm very busy with university. But in August I'll go to Japan and make a lot of photos I hope! I'm so looking forward being there. I'll work there in a small village that's famous for soy sauce. It's next to the sea and the mountains.
I'll show you some photos of course!

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