23 April, 2013

Medieval Festival

Hello everyone!
How are you doing?

University started a week ago so I gonna get busy again. It's a lot of work to do but I really enjoy it. Next to Japanese language lessons I also have a lesson that's about demons and ghosts in Japan during Heian period, Japanese medieval and Edo period. It's really interesting.
In addition to that obligatory lessons I'm also able to have two workshops. One is about old Japanese language and its grammar. The other one is about reading books from Edo period!

But that's enough stuff about university. I want to show you some photos from Sunday. Together with genzai and glashaut we - that's Tara and me - went to a medieval festival at Burg Hohenstein.
After one hour of driving we finally arrived. It was somewhee in nowhere but the little town was nice. The way to Burg Hohenstein was really exhausting though because we took the long path waaay to the top. Anyway it was quite an adventure and we enjoyed it a lot!

 Knit: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa
(not visible) Skirtpants: axes femme

 My wig and makeup

 Makeup closeup.

So this is the place where we left our car: In front of these horses' paddock.

This was one of the horses. I love draft horses.
It's quite cute. It has a moustache

A bit more of that little village.

 Next to the paddock.

 There was this very old barn where we found this sign:
"Tuberkulosefreier Rinderbestand"
(tuberculosis-free cattle stock [I do not really know how to translate it correct])
A cute and fluffy donkey we saw together with some sheep while walking up the hill.

 The forest was still somehow like fall. No flowers or new little green leaves.
More dry leaves.

Finally we arrived!

I didn't take too many photos of all the shops though.

We went up the donjon and this is what we saw:

The view was great! We could see all the mountains and houses!

Tara and me on the donjon.

After having cake (I took apple pie. The others all had strawberry cake) we also had dinner. I took potatoes with sour cream. Tara had spit roast. genzai and glashaut chose potato soup in a bread bowl. Everything was so delicious.
After having dinner we finally decided to leave since we had a long way to come home again.
This is what I bought at the festival. It's a real fur fox tail I wanted for so long!

So that was my Sunday!
I hope you also had fun.

See you soon~


  1. Happy you have a new blog again! Cute outfit and cute picture of Tara and you!! ^-^