22 June, 2014

Shop Introduction #1: su*pu*re

Today I'll start something new on my blog: shop introduction. I will show various physical stores and online stores to you and take time to talk a bit about them. This first time is kind of a special. It's about a plus-size store in Osaka I found per accident when I walked around there.

Name: su*pu*re
Type: physical store (they also sell online)
Selling: fashion, accessory, shoes
Price range: ~1000yen to 15,000yen
Online Store:
Where to find: Osaka, Namba, Namba Walk, 3rd district north street

su*pu*re might be one of the first physical plus-size clothing stores in Japan. They have clothes up to Japanese 3L or 4L sizes which is about XXL~3XL. Still the stuff looks really good and fashionable compared to plus-size shops in Germany for example. Also the prices are reasonable and you can get some things in sale for under 1000yen.

But now let's take a look around the store and the many things they have there. I took the photos in May so the fashion is for late spring and summer. I don't know how often they restock so I can't tell you anything about this.

As you can see they have various types of fashion. Many flower pattern and lace but also more simple things. Something very nice about the shop (which I actually find the most useful for me) is the fact they also have shoes in bigger sizes.

As you can see the size guide says this:
LL size - 24.0~24.5cm (EU39~40)
3L size - 25.0~25.5cm (EU40~41)
4L size - 26.0~27.0cm (EU41~43)

If you have been in Japan and looked for shoes the biggest you get is usually 24.5 sometimes even smaller. Here you just have to ask the shop stuff and they bring you shoes in the right size. I bought a pair of shoes myself (pink ribbon strap sandals in the photo) and they fit perfect.

As I already wrote they also sell online. They do it via Rakuten.
They sadly don't have many plus-size models but a few of them as you can see here:

For most of the other stuff there's a model with maybe M or L size which I wouldn't call pluz-size. But at least she's not like XXS or something like that. So it's much better compared to other shops where they might have bigger sizes but only size 0 models.
If you are not sure about your size - no problem. They write down the measurements of each and every item they have. Just check the description of the things you want.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction and found it helpful. Please also take a look at their online shop and feel free to ask if you'd like to know something. You might have problems if you can't read Japanese. In this case don't hesitate to contact me.

Ageha ♥

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