26 January, 2015

Lucky Pack Opening #3: Liz Lisa 3-Way-Bag & Stripe Rose Carry Set

Hello my dears!

Finally my Lucky Packs arrived.
I paid a total of ~250€ + customs (which was about 40€ for 3 Lucky Packs).
I'm quite happy with the things I got but still I will sell some of the clothes. If you are interested please comment below!

Mini Trunk & Bag
I love both of them! I'm especially in love with the print of the trunk!

Knit cardingan from the bag
It's very soft and comfy. Also it'll fit lots of my clothes I guess!

Cardigan tag details

Second item that was in the bag. A cute and soft light pink dress.
It fits me but anyway I will sell it. So if you're interested please comment!
 Dress details

Dress tag details

Trunk Close up1

Trunk Close up 2

Top from the trunk. It's stretchy and very comfortable.

Top tag details

I was so looking forward getting this dress but it's tiny! Really tiny. Like XS/S. So it won't fit me around the bust. That's why I sell it. Please comment if interested. SOLD!

Details of the brown dress

More details

Tag details

This was the third and last item of the trunk. It's a nice light brown coat.

Hood details

The fake fur is detachable

Pocket details

Tag details

After all I'm quite happy with my stuff although I sell two of the clothes. I think it was worth buying it because of the coat, the cardigan and of course the trunk and bag they were in. I also ordered another Lucky Pack I will post about within the next days!

See you!

Ageha ♥

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  1. The coat looks really cute! I'd like to see an outfit post with it! :)