16 February, 2014

Recipe #8: Autumn Pumpkin Soup

Hello my dears!

Today I want to present you a new recipe I created. It might sound a bit strange at first but it's really good!

What you need for 1 Person:
1 kuri squash
300ml vegetable stock
2-3 tbsp. cream
curry powder
ginger bread spice
chili powder
cumin powder
lemon juice
1 tangerine

Cut the squash (you don't need to peel it) and remove the seeds. Boil it for 10~15 minutes in about 300ml vegetable stock. When the squash is done pureé it and add the cream. Put in salt and pepper. Also add a bit of chili powder (if you like it hot add a bit more) and a little bit lemon juice. Then add a pinch of curry, ginger bread spice and cumin. Stir it well and you're done.
Serve it with a tangerine and some parsley if you like it.

When you try it out tell me how you like it!

Ageha ♥

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