11 December, 2014

Welcome back

Hello my dear followers!

I'm sorry I didn't post anything fo a while now. I was busy with so many things and just couldn't find something interesting I could post about. But now I guess I'm back and ready to post new stuff.

Since it's December now I guess it'll be some winter and Christmas posts. But today I gonna start with my new orders. Some of you might know that December is the month of Lucky Bags /Fukubukuro pre-orders which means I also ordered some. The last one was from Liz Lisa which I got in January 2014. This year I got 3 fukubukuro I want to show you now.

 Liz Lisa Fukubukuro
Price: 21,600yen
With this Fukubukuro I get a mini trunk carry and a 3-way bag (which means I can use it as hand purse, on the shoulder and as backpack). There'll be 5 items in it. 2 of them will be an onepice and a coat.

axes femme Fukubukuro
Price: 10,000yen
It'll contain 5 items as well and 2 of them will also be a coat and an onepiece.

I hope all of the items will fit me but usually winter stuff is pretty stretchy and both times I ordered lucky bags before I only had to sell one item which was a short pants and something between XXS and S.

Did you order lucky bags this year? Tell me about it!

Ageha ♥

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