23 February, 2015

Lucky Pack Opening #5: Cocolulu/Co&Lu

Hello my dears,

finally I'm able to write the last opening for this year: Cocolulu.
Tara bought it for 10,000yen plus shipping and customs. Together it was about 160€.
She's really satisfied with everything though she won't buy another one next year. Cocolulu once was as you might know really colorful and had this happy kind of amekaji. Now everything became so boring. Even the new SS15 collection is just plain and the many colors are missing. It's really sad. There was this other label called Blue Moon Blue which had the same style but it's gone. Well... everything is kind of dying.

This is the backpack everything came in. It's very soft material and seems to be quite good quality.

Brand tag on the side.

Thick winter jacket. The yellow and orange stripes are actually really pale not that strong. It looks quite nice.

Tag details

Another jacket. It's dark blue denim and really nice.

Tag details

 Shirt #1. Very soft material

Tag details

 Shirt #2

Tag details

 Tracksuit Pants with blue, yellow and green pattern

 Brand (5ty6) logo details

Tag details

 Leather belt

 With brand name (5ty6) on it

Tag details

 Leather wallet chain

Tag details

 Co&Lu Mug package

Was available in blue and pink. Tara took blue

That's it about it. As you can see despite the jacket and maybe the pants nothing really is colorful but quite plain. The girl's fashion is still a bit different anyway men's fashion by Coandlu is just... boring.

What do you think about it?


  1. Aw, the items are nice, but if you didn't say it was cocolulu i would have never guessed it! Maybe they put more boring items into lucky bags to get rid of them?? If I look at their rakuten store I can still see some clothes that look like the good old Cocolulu. :D

    1. It's mostly the girl clothes that are still as colorful as before but the stuff for men is just not like back then.
      But if you compare this year's bag to last year there is also a huge difference. Even last year was more like their old style. This time most of the items have this "5ty6-flair" if you can call it like that.

  2. I really liked the clothes from Co&Lu from around 2010, and all the shop staff was so adorable at the time!!!! I had some really pink pants from them along with some other items that I loved so much!!!! BMB was so cute as well!!! I hadn't thought about them for a while so I didn't know that they discontinued...><

  3. I also liked them so much! But then it became more and more plain. So it's just not this fun feeling anymore. BMB was amazing and kind of a more toned down version of CO&LU somehow. It's really sad they stopped but I think since many brands were going bancrupt it's not different with BMB.