14 April, 2015

Black Forest Journey

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had nice holidays and got lots of eggs and chocolate.
I'd like to go back a few weeks since I made a little trip to my mum's place and we went to the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) together. It still was quite cold and there was a lot of snow. I love the Schwarzwald for it's beautiful nature and the great atmosphere. It is said that witches, goblins and some other magical creatures are living there. This is what it kind of makes it so special.
I took lots and lots of photos. This is why I made this little cut here. Click to go on reading.

First of all: kitty love ♥♥♥♥♥

Second: Outfit shot
Longsleeve: Offbrand
Top: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Some Harajuku offbrand

Our first trip was to the Mummelsee (Lake Mummel). The legend says water creatures live in it. But sadly the lake was still frozen so I couldn't see anything.

The white area covered with snow is the lake. It's huge!
Random face: You can see all the trees in the back. The Schwarzwald is a conifer forest consisting mainly out of fir trees which makes the forest dark and "black".

Next to the Mummelsee

Beautiful mountains with snow!

This should be a bench. But there was still so much snow you can hardly see it.

 We then had lunch. Griebenschmalz (lard with greaves) with bread.

 My lunch: Spätzle with boar goulash

My mum's lunch: Gnocchi with vegetables and parmesan

We then went to this place:
Monastary ruin and waterfalls in Allerheiligen

There was this small river which became huge a bit downwards the stream

 But first of all the ruins

It burned down three time through history and was rebuild everytime until they decided to leave it

 We followed the river

 But the waterfalls were closed due to landslides/snowslides
So we went back, had a little snack and then drove off to the lower part of the waterfalls.

 Sadly it also was closed here

But the scenery there was so beautiful

This was standing next to the river. I found it quite cute

On the next day we went to this nice place. You could take a little traint to go up the mountain.

The trains work without electricity. One cabin goes up while the other is going down

Some cute cliché hut

On the mountain was a tree top path we walked along

It was really nice since they made a few alternative paths in between which were just mad out of a rope

It was really fun!

This is what you see when you walke up all the way

And this is how the whole construction looks like. It's really exhausting walking up but the view is incredibe!

Isn't it beautiful!?

We then walked back to the train station. Along the way many moss covered places were everywhere

Another nice house which is actually being sold

Our next trip led us to another ruin. I love looking at old buildings, castles and forts. So we looked for one and finally found one near Bad Teinach. During our walk from the parking lot there was this cute house which is a pottery.

It's lovely, isn't it?

 This was also on the way. It's an old must squeezer (?)

Back then Zavelstein was the smalles city in Germany. It had only 14 buildings but a market place and a castle as well as a town wall.

 These are some of the houses that were originally part of Zavelstein

Here some more

 This is what is left of the castle

It's not that mouch though

Random photo of me my mum wanted to take

On our way back to the car we found this blacksmith's shop. They also had discribed the history of it and the last blacksmith got his craftsman diploma in 1935

And this is how my journey ended. I really missed nature and the place I used to live. It was nice to see everything again and I had a lot of fun! I hope you also enjoyed looking at the photos!


  1. Die Bilder sind wunderschön *_* ich war dort leider noch nie ;_; deine Outfits sind auch toll!!

  2. Wie schön! Ich war noch nie im Schwarzwald, aber es sieht alles so urig aus da, da möchte ich irgendwann auch noch mal hin. ^^ Wirklich hübsche Fotos.

  3. Ist es auch! Deshalb mag ich es auch so. Und die vielen Legenden und Geschichten über den Schwarzwald! Es ist so toll >w<

  4. Danke!
    Musst du mal hin, wenn sich ein Zeitpunkt ergibt!