07 June, 2013

Starbucks & Recipe #3

Since I read about it on my dashboard I went to Starbucks and tried out the new Matcha Frappuccino and Matcha Latte. Also I tried Starbuck's Cinnamon Roll.

This is Tara's Frappuccino. I took it with low-fat milk and without cream since it's too sweet for me. Still it's very sweet but I like it. I'll try it again without any sugar or whatever they put in there. I guess I don't like too sweet Matcha. Anyway it was really good. Also the hot Matcha Latte tasted great! For the smallest size (tall) you have to pay 4,10€ here. Without cream it usually was 3,50€ but I also paid 4,10€ for the same at another store. Mohaghi had to pay 3,70€ for the same stuff. So I don't really get how they make those prices. Anyway... It tastes so good.
The Cinnamon Roll also was quite fine but a bit dry. I like the ones from Tully's Coffee Shop more.

This time I'll add another Recipe. It's for a Coconut-Parfait. It's also possible for vegetarians and vegans. So I guess many of you will enjoy it during summer!

For 3~4 servings you need:
1/2 can coconut milk
1 pineapple
some cookies
1 cup cream (for vegetarians/vegans: use soy cream)
1 can Nata de Coco (you usually get it in Asian food stores)
Agar Agar

Make the agar agar as described on the package. Add the coconut milk to it and let it cool down a bit. Crumble the cookies and put it into the bowls. Now put the coconut milk on it and let it cool down so it becomes firm. Pour the water of the nata de coco out of the can and let it drip. Cut the pineapple into small pieces. Whip the cream. Add the pineapple and a bit nata de coco on top of the firm coconut milk. Now put the cream over it and add some more nata de coco. Cool it down in the refridgerator for some hours. Enjoy you meal!

I hope you like the parfait. Please tell me about it or post a photo of yours for me!
Of course you can also add some ice cream or sponge cake or whatever else you like.


  1. WILL AUSPROBIEREN!!! Mach ich bald!! *O* sieht mega gut aus und matcha latte muss ich auch probieren. Hihi. tolles Rezept <3

    1. Sag mir dann wie dus fandest! <3
      Und Matcha Latte = ♥

  2. Matcha Latte!!!! Wanna taste that! *____*

    1. It's great! But too sweet for me with sugar syrup.