13 June, 2013

I got tagged!

1. Link the Tagger!
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3. Tell 5 facts about you!
4. Answer the tagger's 5 questions!
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My facts:
1. I dislike small birds and spiders but I love big ones.
2. I wouldn't call me a Potterhead but I'm in love with the series.
3. I hate the word "best friend".
4. I see pattern - not people.
5. I enjoy writing long letters.

5 Questions:
1. Your favorite and least favorite fruit.
2. Your favorite free time activity.
3. What do you mostly do downtown?
4. What time do you usually take a bath or shower?
5. What's your favorite number and why?

My Answers:
1. Favorite: Melon and Peach, Least Favorite: Strawberry
2. Watching TV, cooking, writing, sewing.
3. Walking around, get some snack somewhere, talk a lot to friends
4. Around noon or in the evening. I hate it in the morning.
5. I won't give a reason but it's 475.

My Questions to others:
1. What season do you like most?
2. Is there an animal you can identify with?
3. What's your favorite movie? Why?
4. What's your favorite piece of clothing?
5. Do you have pets? Show them!

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  1. Done! ^0^
    Thank you for tagging!

  2. You're too sweet! I hope I can find some time to do this soon! <3