27 November, 2013


It's quite a long time since my last personal post. But today here is my new one.

First of all I will start with outfit and makeup shots.

 I really like those lenses and also this more natural style of makeup.
I hope I can even improve it.

Knit: magender
Brown Skirtpants: Liz Lisa
Beige Skirtpants: axes femme

Since sunday is my birthday I already got one present from genzai.

She got a free day so she wanted to play it with me. We really enjoyed it! It's a great game. I especially love the graphics since it's so different from other games.

Last weekend I then went to my mums place. Usually I take the train (which is ~40€) but since it's too expensive I now tried out a highway bus. It only costs 12€ so it's really cheap! And it was quite comfortable and quiet.

This is what the bus looked like from the inside

When I arrived at the house it was snowing and it looked so beautiful! We didn't have snow yet in Frankfurt so I enjoyed it. But it was gone so fast again. I hope we'll get lots of snow so I can have a walk to the nearby park area.

How is it with your home? Did you already have snow? Do you wish for snow?

Ageha ♥

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