05 March, 2014

One day in Frankfurt

Hello everyone!

On 4th February I had the opportunity to meet Tina (you can find her blog here). She flew to Taipeh the next day and since she flew from Frankfurt she came one day earlier so we could meet up. It was really nice to see her. We got along really well. After a while of walking we went to a Japanese Café and sat down to talk. Tara joined us after work.

My make up for that day

Close up of my make up

 Blouse: Dresslink
Onepiece: axes femme
Lace Pants: axes femme
Hair Band: axes femme

Here you can see the hair band, blouse and the lace pants better

Here are two photos from our walk through Frankfurt. I didn't take any photos before. But since Tina took some I didn't feel so strange also taking photos.

 Commerzbank Buldings

Frankfurt's cathedral

This is what we all had for dinner: Ramen. This one is Tara's, Tina took one with chicken and I chose one without meat.

With Tina ♥ She's so pretty!

And the three of us together.

Also finally after a long time I could get the magazine I wanted! Liz Lisa X My Melody Special Collection Mook! It shows the fall/winter collection and also it comes with a cute two way tote bag.

Front of the magazine. With the model Reina Triendl.

Liz Lisa print side

 My Melody print side


Isn't it cute? I really like the bag. And although the My Melody side is quite nice I think I prefere the more neutral Liz Lisa print side.

Thank you for the great day, Tina.! Let's meet again! Have fun in Taipeh ♥

Ageha ♥

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