28 March, 2014

Japanese Lunch

Hello everyone!

Did you know there are sooo many Japanese restaurants in Frankfurt? Tara and I want to try lots of them to find the best one. So on weekend we usually have lunch at those places.
This time the restaurant was called Sushimoto.
Tara had a sushi plate. I got chirashi sushi. Chirashi sushi is like sashimi on rice.

This is what I got. Looks delicious, right?

There were so many different types of fish on the rice.

But actually it only looked delicious. It wasn't. The fish didn't really taste like... anything. My ohtoro (fat tuna) was slimey and also had no taste. There was some stuff inside which tasted like meat balls and also looked like it. I'm quite disappointed to be honest...
Also the atmosphere in the restaurant itself wasn't good. It was way too loud. The waitress wasn't very friendly... So we won't go there again I guess.

Afterwards we wanted to eat some cake so we had it at a Japanese cafe.

It's called Mt. Fuji

It's mont blanc with matcha

And Azuki Latte with kuromizu

The cake and the drink were very good. After all it was a nice day although the lunch wasn't really good.

Do you have a good restaurant at your place? And how do you like Japanese food at all?

Ageha ♥

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