30 May, 2014

Japan 3rd part

So this is the last part of my trip to Japan. We didn't do that much anymore but I really enjoyed the time there.

On 19th was our first day in Kyoto. We visited the castle Nijo and also a shrine called Tenmangu. Afterwards we had great dinner: Wagyu. I wanted to eat it at least once.

 Salad from lunch

Lunch: Kanazawa-styled curry rice

Th following photos are from Nijo castle

So after the castle we went to Tenmangu near Kamishichiken

So since we were already next to it we walked a bit through Kamishichiken and had cake in a café.

Cream Puff for me

And strawberry roll cake for Tara
And here's our dinner

It was so delicious!

The next day we went to Kamogawa-Odori - a Geika/Maiko dancing event in Pontocho.

Our lunch: Sashimi, Tempura and Udon

 And cake on afternoon: Apple pie for Tara

And Matcha Ice Cream Zenzai for me

Afterwards we walked a bit through Gion

And finally the Kamogawa-Odori started

In Gion

House in Gion

Our dinner was Okonomiyaki and Omsoba but I forgot to take a picture of the Okonomiyaki

This is the last photo. It was from 21st. We went to a Matcha restaurant that day.

I had a safe flight back home although it was really exhausting. During the whole flight where turbulences and I didn't sleep at all. Anyway I enjoyed my time in Japan and I'm looking forward going there again.

Ageha ♥

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