09 March, 2015

Recipe #10: Udon

Hello my dears,

today I would like to share a new recipe with you: Udon!

What you need for the soup:
1 pckg Udon (fresh or dried)
Soy sauce
Dashi powder
And for the topping:
1-2 leaves cabbage
some oyster mushrooms
some snow peas
1/2 carrot

Start with the soup base first. Mix together about 400ml water, 1 tbsp mirin, soy sauce and tsuyu. Add about 1 tsp dashi powder. Then add the konbu and let it cook for about 10min. In the meantime cut the cabbage in thin stripes. Do the same with the carrot. Heat up some water in a pot and blanch the vegetables one after another. This means put them into the pot and take it out after about 10-20 seconds.
The soup should be ready now and you can add the udon. If it's fresh udon wait for another 5 min. If it's dried udon add it and let it cook until done (might take up to 10min).
Now put the udon and the soup into a bowl. Add the toppings on it and it's done!
Fresh and healthy udon!
Of course you can add also other toppings, like aburaage, eggs or whatever else you like!

If you need it to be vegetarian try this:
Instead of tsuyu and dashi use soy sauce, konbu and shiitake mushrooms. Buy the dried ones and put them into the water you will later use as soup base. After about 1 hour take them out and rinse the water through a kitchen towel (so the sand and everythin else that was inside won't be in the soup afterwards!). Now heat up the water with mushroom flavor and add konbu, soy sauce and mirin. Then proceed like in the normal recipe.

I hope you like it!
Tell me about it if you tried!


  1. I will try the vegetarian recipe of course *_* thanks!

  2. Omg, yummy! Das merk ich mir und mach das hoffentlich auch bald mal. <3 Danke fürs teilen. ^^