17 March, 2015

Café and Dinner

Hello everyone,

a while ago I have been downtown with Tara to buy some stuff and everything and whe thought why not try out a café. Finally we sat there for hours and it was really nice. They still had winter specials and it was so delicious.

 Tara had some hot chocolate and a chocolate cream cake.

She said it tasted amazing! And it also looked like that!

I got some green tea. Look at the cute tea set!

It tasted really good!

And to eat I had some cinnamon parfait with hot cherries.

I loved it!

The prices were also alright. We got the cake for about 4€. The hot chocolate was the same. Tea was about 6€ and the parfait 7,50€. It's alright for a café in Frankfurt city I guess.

In the evening we decided to go to a Eritrean restaurant since we had a coupon for it. The restaurant itself didn't look that good from the outside. But the inside was comfy and nice. For each table they kind of had a private space so you were more for yourself. The service was great! They were really nice! Also the food was very delicious.

This is some Eritrean tea which actually tasted like Kinderpunsch (glogg?) without any sugar. Amazing!

 We had a vegetarian plate for two persons.

Everything was very good and actually I love eating with hands!

We go there again for sure!


  1. Sieht wirklich lecker aus! Ich probier auch super gerne Essen aus anderen Ländern. :)
    Und jetzt hab ich Lust, auch mal wieder mit euch essen zu gehen. x)

  2. Sehr gerne! Wenn du mal wieder bei uns in der Gegend bist, sag Bescheid >w<