24 September, 2013

Japan - A not so short summary

So I'm back home again but I have lots of photos for you. So I guess it's not the first time I will use a "read more" for my entry. Otherwise it's just so much!

 So with my host we were in Wakayama and visited the castle
This is Wakayama-jo. It's quite nice but we didn't have much time since we had to get back to the hostel early.

 Here's a photo of the beach in Yuasa again

And the old city during the night

And a few days later we went to Osaka. After all we were 5 persons to stay there and it was really nice. We travelled a lot and ate a lot and bought a lot. Haha.

The "shopping street" near our hotel. Most of the shops were closed

Dinner at a Ramen restaurant

More food: Udon and tempura

Taiyaki with sweet potato

Osaka at night

 Tennoji (Osaka) at night

 Hiroshimayaki with cheese and mochi


 Osaka Castle

View from the castle

 Omrice with tomato-sauce and vegetables

 Pumpkin Pudding

One day in Takarazuka since Tara wanted to go there so badly

 Lunch that day: Omrice with shrimp-broccoli-sauce

 On our way to a temple in Takarazuka

 The beautiful temple

 Our trip to Ise

 Also in Ise

 Parfait on a shopping day. It was so delicious!

 Our walk to the Kuuyataki Waterfalls

 We needed so long but it was beautiful!

 Another dinner. Omrice again. We went to eat omrice a lot since Sabi could hardly eat anything else. She's vegetarian and so it was really hard. Does someone have any experience with being a vegetarian in Japan and can give me some advise?

 At Fushimi Inari Taisha

 The torii at Fushimi Inari Taisha


 Udon with vegetables and Tempura

 At Kiyomizudera

 Oyatsu (afternoon snack): Parfait!

 Gion at night

 Naniwa (Osaka) Imperial Palace

 Another photo of the imperial palace

 Curry Rice with spinach and fried squid

 Oyatsu: Shaved ice with Matcha

 In Kyoto, Kawaramachi

 Fall in Kyoto

 1000 cranes

 Restaurants at kamogawa (Kyoto)

 Universal Japan

And Last but not least some stuff I bought in Japan. Those are not all the things but some of them. I will take photos of the other stuff later:

 Onepiece by axes femme

 Cardigan by axes femme

 Offbrand (somewhere in shinsaibashi) dress

 Bag by Olive des Olive

 Fluffy shawl/stole by Liz Lisa

 Pokemon handkerchief

 3DS XL Case

And a pokeball with figures

That's it for now. I will upload some more afterwards. But that way you can see what I experienced there. It was really nice and I enjoyed the time. But I'd rather go with less people. I can't take it this way. 5 people are too many. I can't deal with it.
Still I made so many memories and it was so nice. The guys at the hotel were so friendly and the atmosphere was quite good. I got to see so many places... ♥

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