24 August, 2013

Late post

I'm so sorry I didn't write any earlier. I was busy and tired and also kind of lazy. But now... here's a new post with lots of photos!

Tempura: ebi, eggplant, pumpkin, red pepper

it was so beautiful!

grilled fish

self cooked okonomiyaki

sweet potatoes (daigakuimo)

cookie with cream inside

dinner for our guest. so many things!

view from the mountain to the sea

beautiful swallowtails!


cooked sukiyaki

puccho: sweets. I love it!

shaved ice with matcha

in the town

also in the town

sea: so blue and beautiful!

oyatsu (snack): matcha and shirotama with azuki

matcha chocolate&cookie

sweet potato "bread". it didn't taste like sweet potatoes at all... but it was delicious


melon cream soda

spaghetti with spinach, onions and salmon

hand made jam

on our little walk today

today's dinner

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