03 January, 2014

Happy New Year

I wish a Happy New Year to all my readers, followers and visitors.
How was your start into the new year?
We invited some friends, ate raclette together, drank a bit of children sparkling wine and watched the fireworks from our kitchen window. Since we have this amazing view up to the Frankfurt skyline we could see all the amazing lights on the sky.

I'd like to just look a bit back to Christmas. It wasn't anything special what I got also it wasn't much. But I love it!

 Knife collection from my mom. Those knifes are amazing!
Also I got a cooking pot and a mixer. Since I love cooking, as you might know, it's the perfect present for me.

 This is what I got from Tara. I waited so long for it, haha. And since I already played through "The Legend of Zelda - A Link between Worlds" I now started with "Ocarina of Time".

Yesterday we went to the new shopping mall in Frankfurt: Skyline Plaza. It's great! Even on weekends there's like nobody. So you can just walk through it, do window shopping and buy some stuff without being disturbed. Saturn (a shop where you can buy electronic stuff) had a special offer: buy 3 pay 2. So we got 3 games: Micky's Epic 2, Let's Dance and for me "The Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks". I got mine for free and so we saved about ~20€.

My outfit from yesterday:
Hat: Liz Lisa
Dress: Liz Lisa
Skirtpants 1: magender
Skirtpants 2: axes femme

And a makeup shot

As for today... We'll get a new rat from the animal shelter. It will be a little guy whose name is Sancho. I hope he'll feel good in his new home. I'll tell you about him and show you a photo when we got him.

Have a nice day!

Ageha ♥

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