20 May, 2014

Japan 2nd part

And now finally comes my 2nd entry about Japan. There will be another two posts about it following.

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15th May

We went to a mall called Aeon Mall that's near Osaka dome. Tara wanted to get some CoLu stuff there. Afterwards we wanted to visit HEP5 but it was closed so we decided to go to eat some cake in a café that was only visited by people above 50 years.

 View from the food plaza in the mall

 Breakfast: Omsoba - Yakisoba with omelette


 Very exqusite stuff in the café

Waffle with jelly, ice cream, maron and warabi

 Chiffon Matcha Cake

16th May

We went to Takarazuka that day. It's a city that's famous for it's female only musical Tara is a big fan of. So we went to a shop there. Also we visited a big temple not far away.

 In the morning on our way...

 Beautiful tree

 At the temple

 They had a pond there

 Taiyaki - waffle filled with anzuki

 Lunch: Zaru-udon and sushi

 At the theatre in Takarazuka

 Afternoon snack: Maron tarte

 And berry short cake

 Dinner: Omrice with demi-glace

 Omrice with demi-glace and meat

 Beautiful melonsoda

17th May

We tried it again at HEP5. This time it wasn't closed so we had lunch there, bought some things and... well, that's it.

 Spaghetti with shrimps and spinach cream sauce

 Spaghetti with mozzarella, tomato and chicken sauce

 Dessert: little tarte with cream and ice cream

 Our dinner was udon and this is wat we got us afterwards: matcha cake

18th May

Did you know Osaka had a museum about life in edo-period? We didn't also. But we found out about it when we looked for some stuff near Tenmangu. So we decided to have a look at it.

 View on edo-period Osaka/Naniwa from the observatory floor

 Like these people you could walk through the streets

 It was so detailed and pretty

 Dining room

 Miniature of Osaka during late edo

 Even more details

 Lunch afterwards: Corn soup

 Hamburg and Steak with garlic sauce

 Cheese filled hamburg with tomato

 And one part of our dinner: scallop sashimi.
It's flesh, muscle and gills

 More delicious sashimi and tataki

And since we felt like eating it: french fries.

And finally a few things I got myself from Liz Lisa

 Card/Pass case

 Liz Lisa novelity fair Towl Poncho. You got it if you bought something above 15000yen


So that's it for now. See you again soon!

Ageha ♥

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