06 May, 2014

Tutorial #1: Makeup

Hello everyone,

I was asked to make a makeup tutorial. Finally I did it and I will show it to you in this post.

First of all here are the things I use

 Derma Blend in opal by VICHY
As for powder I use L.A Girls' brightest color and white HD powder

 False Lash Effect Fusion by Max Factor
Skinmatch Blush in Peachy Coral by Astor
Gel Eyeliner by Maybellin

Also I used some cheap eyeshadow I got in a huge box.

Upper Lashes: Vanilla Birthday - Sweet Eye
Lower Lashes: Fairy Lash - Sexy Eye

This is how I start: Purple Lenses, lotion, makeup foundation and powder.

 Drawn eyebrows, nose shading, mascara, blush, eyeshadow (brown, beige and plum)

 I drew a line with brown eyeshadow right under my tearline. Then I added white eyeshadow on it.
Sorry for the blurry photo.

Eyeliner on the upper lid and in the inner corners of my eyes

 Upper lashes glued on.
Important: Use mascara to stick your lashes to the fake lashes so you can't tell fake from real

Lower lashes glued on
Important: Glue them UNDER your real bottom lashes, not ON them
And you're done!
Some random photos to follow:

 Onepiece: Liz Lisa

I hope you like the tutorial and it helps you with your makeup.

Ageha ♥

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