15 May, 2014

My first week in Japan

So finally I have time to write a blog entry about Japan. I'm here since 8th May and I really enjoy it. The temperature is alright and it's mostly sunny. We already got to see and to eat so many things *w*

Please beware that this post is image heave. Click on the link to see all the photos.


 My first meal: Asian Vegetarian. Rice, vegetables, lentil porridge

 Tara's first meal: Goulash, vegetables, porridge

 Tara's second meal: Lasagne

 My second meal: Vegetables, tofu, rice, lentil porridge

 During our waiting time at Beijing Airport: Matcha-Azuki-Latte

 It's beautiful and sunny day. There were like no clouds but everything was grey because of the smog.

 Waiting hall

 During our connection flight: Spinach, kidney beans, rice

Tara's breakfast: Omelette, sausage and hash browns

In Yuasa, Wakayama

 Isn't the sea pretty?

 Yuasa is a very old town with many old buildings

 Not so delicious ramen that was our dinner one day. As you can see the oil is just a very thick layer above the actual soup.

 In a cafe in Yuasa. It felt like we were back in the twenties.

 More of the interior

 An old TV

 This was our snack when we went to the cafe the first time: Matcha with yakimochi and azuki and a melon soda

 When we came there the second time: Kitsune Udon with yakimochi for me

 And Niku Udon with a raw egg for Tara

 At the sea

 The whole beach was so nice and clean

 During our way to Osaka

 Japan's countryside is beautiful

We travelled right through the mountains

In Osaka

 One part of our first dinner in Osaka. We ate Indian Curry.

 Our snack afterwards: Matcha croissant

 "Breakfast" the next morning: Matcha Jelly

 And we ate lunch at Denny's

 Melon soda

 My lunch: meat, onions, potatoes, spinach, garlic sauce and rice

 Hamburger, fried onion rings, rice with sausage for Tara

 And our dessert: Mango parfait

We went to a concert of the band Licker that evening. When we came back from the hall this is what we found on our way to the station.

13th May

We visited the Osaka Tenmangu that day. It's a very big shrine consisting of many small ones.

After visiting the shrine we go lunch at a small reataurant where you could pick the stuff you wanted and put it on your tray. It was quite delicious. Only the miso soup wasn't that good.

 Miso soup, rice, mackerel, spinach with sesame (and wasabi), cooked vegetables and meat and cold tofu.

 Salmon, crocke, rice, miso soup, tsukemono

 We then went to the longest shopping street in Japan: Tenjinbashi. But we were quite disappointed since there's not really anything to shop at.

 In the afternoon whe had Matcha Latte

 And Milcrepe-Cake for me

 While Tara ate Strawberry-Milcrepe-Cake

 And our dinner. Yamakakeudon in cold for me.

And the same for Tara in hot.

14th May
I had a job interview that day so we went to Otsu in Prefecture Shiga.
After the interview we got to see a temple in Uji together with two Japanese from the work place.

 One pat of our breakfast

 Matcha ball filled with Azuki and Mochi

 Lunch with the others: zaru soba

 The main hall of the temple

 And another building of the temple

 A river running down in Uji

 On a small island in the middle of the river

 Our afternoon snack consisted completely out of Matcha. This is mine: Matcha ice with shirotama and Matcha Jelly

 And a (too sweet) Matcha au lait

 The other guy got Matcha ice cream, Azuki, Shirotama and Jelly

And this one is Tara's: Matcha sponge cake, soft ice and Matcha au lait.

Today we are going to go to a mall near the Dome since Tara wants to get some Coco Lulu stuff. Afterwards me might got to the HEP5 in Umeda.

But first I want to show you some of the stuff I already got:

 Conan Gachapon *w*

 Liz Lisa Mook with a Liz-Melo bag

 A cute brown bag

 And a dress by axes femme


 A short cardigan by axes femme


 Shows in 4L. Finally. 4L is fitting for 26-27cm so it's 41~42.
I still can't believe I got those shoes.

 And here they are. They are so cute!
I got them in a plus-size store I will write a seperate entry about soon.

 Liz Lisa skapants

 And Liz Lisa dress

Yumetenbo dress.

So that's it. More to follow since I'm here for another week.

Ageha ♥

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