06 January, 2015

Birthday Party

Hello my dears,

about one month ago I celebrated my birthday with ErdbeerFox and genzai. We played Cards against Humanity and tried Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. Sadly it didn't work that good since we had trouble with the controllers we are owning. Afterwards we had sukiyaki which I didn't take a photo of. But it was sooo delicious!

This is what I got from ErdbeerFox. It's a paper folder with barakamon print. I just love this anime. It's lovely! I can't wait for season two!

And this is what I got from genzai: various MISSHA stuff. I use their makeup for a while now and it's amazing. Now I could try even more products. Interesting fact: No Animal Testing!

 Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream
I tried it out and first I thought it's oily and heavy on my skin (that's already too oily) but it's so soft and feels like water when you use it. It's really refreshing. I already thought if I won't get the product myself.

 Time Revolution - Night Repair
It's also very soft on the skin, not oily just a wet and refreshing feeling. I love it!

 Time Revolution - Immortal Youth
I didn't try it out yet

 Oil Control Film
Didn't try them yet

Lip Balm
Smells like blood orange. Very nice. Keeps the lips soft!

 Real Moist 22 Hand Cream - Manuka Honey
Tried it once but not enough to decide whether it's good or not

 Snail Lip Gel Patch
Didn't try it yet

 Pure Source Sheet Mask - Pomegranate
Didn't try it yet

Pure Source Sheet Mask - Lemon
Didn't try it yet

 Pure Source Sheet Mask - Tea Tree
Didn't try it yet

 I will try the other products as soon as possible. But even now I already know I will use more of Missha's products. Especially because they don't have animal testing which is quite important to me.

Yesterday and today my lucky bags arrived at Tenso shopping service. So they will arrive here soon! I'm so looking forward to get everything.

Ageha ♥

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