09 January, 2015

Fireworks and Christmas Present ♥

Hello my dears,

late but not too late I wanted to show you some photos of the New Year's fireworks. This year it was so nice and they hardly shot any loud stuff. It was mainly pretty rockets and stuff like that. So it was really a delight to watch.

Sadly most of the shots didn't work out because the air was foggy and so it was hard to take beautiful photos.

Also quite late... Tara's Christmas Present. It finally arrived and... omg! It's stunning! She bought me the limited Kawaii Collaboration Swan dress from axes femme Poétique ♥

 It's gorgeous! I can't wait to wear it!

 Look at this beautiful print!

 And the subtle frills!

 The buttons are roses ♥

 And the bows are detachable

I can't believe I have this amazing dress at home. I think it's now my favorite although I couldn't even wear it yet since it just arrived. It fit's perfectly and I feel like a princess with it ♥
I can't wait to show you photos of me wearing it!

Ageha ♥

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