24 October, 2013

My favorite: fall/winter

I want to start a new tag on this blog called "my favorite". There I'll present you my favorite clothing or accessory for the season.

Today it's gonna be for fall and winter.
It's my new Liz Lisa scarf.

 without flash

 with flash


It's a huge scarf and a bow you can put the scarf through so it's closed. You can also wear it around you shoulders as a stole. It's very warm and I love the color that fits everything. The details like the lace and the Liz Lisa writing is also so cute. Since it was from the new collection that came out when I have been to Osaka it's a bit expensive. I paid ~40€ for it but it's worth it. ♥
For warmer days in fall you can wear it instead of a coat, using it as a stole. And for winter it'll be a warm and cozy scarf.

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