28 July, 2013


So yesterday I went to the hairdresser. I couldn't stand the long hair anymore. Now it's short again. There's no photo yet since I want to dye it before taking a photo. Anyway here's is my last photo with long hair (I love my natural curls!)

Other than this I also had a long talk with someone of a Japanese CGI company. It was really interesting. He said I'd have the opportunity to go to Japan for several years and work for that company. I don't really want to move to Japan for such a long time. Also it's Tokyo which I quite dislike. Anyway it's a job he offered me. I didn't have to apply for it...
Still I'm not sure about it. I guess when I'm in Tokyo in September I'll go to that company and take a look at the things they are doing. Maybe it's just not the right thing for me. Maybe something else is better? But I'd learn Japanese, Photoshop and 3D GFX. Afterwards I could work at another place in Germany where I can use the learned Japanese... I'm not really sure about it...

After the talk we went home. But we also had great lunch at a Japanese restaurant:

This is mine. Mix Fry, Udon, Rice of course, Tsukemono,...

This is Tara's. Yakinikudon and Udon.

Both were so delicious!
But it was also so hot inside. We had 36°C. Inside without a aircon it was impossible!

Last but not least a shot of my outfit

And a close up makeup shot

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