17 July, 2013

I got things!

So today I finally finished my thesis today. It's about the gaki (hungry ghosts) in the Japanese hell. I'm so fascinated of the Japanese hell and all its demons, ghosts and other creatures. I really want to research more about this.

But since I'm free now I can do other stuff and concentrate on for example my trip to Japan. I'll hand it in tomorrow. I hope it'll be good.

Anyway today I got some stuff I ordered the last days and I really want to show you.

Those ar Coco Lulu earmuffs. They are so fluffy and cute. They were in sale since it's summer of course. And so I thought "why not?". I didn't have any. So that's perfect.

And I got those floral short pants. They were actually quite cheap. And they fit perfect. Although they look white in the photo they have this nice bright pink color. The fabric is very soft and stretchy so it's very nice to wear them.

Last but not least I got this shirt-dress. I always wanted a shirt with an open back. So this is very nice. It's black with a huge butterfly print and ruffled sides. The back is open and there are those pink cross ribbons.
Since it is second hand it also was very cheap.

That's it for now. I hope I can blog again soon!
See you!

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