13 July, 2013

ukiyo-e exhibition

Today genzai, Mohaghi, Tara and me (like we seem to always hang together) went to a museum to visit an exhibition where they showed some ukiyo-e. If you don't know what ukiyo-e is click here: Wiki.
They didn't have too much but around fifty pictures and books. I'm in love with drawings of courtesans (tayuu and oiran). They are so beautiful. You really should check them out. I also was surprised they had a yokai-picture. It showed a huge skeleton attacking some samurai (I think).
In August they will exchange the pictures for new ones. So there is a part two of the exhibition. We already decided to go there of course! And I'm really looking forward to it.

 This is the flyer for the exhibition

Afterwards we went to a Korean restaurant. I wanted to try it out once. The others had Korean BBQ (Bulgogi) and I go Bibimbap which was rice with vegetables and shiitake. It was very hot and tasted so good. Anyway I don't like Korean dishes as much as I like Japanese ones.

I also found the time to got to NewYorker with Tara. Since there was sale everything was cheaper than before. So I ended up with a new bag she bought for me. It's so pretty. Some like pink color with flowers on blue background.

Doesn't it look pretty? I will use it in Japan very often I guess. It's style is just perfect for my clothes. So I'm very happy with it.

Here is a photo of me from today.

See you again soon!

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