23 July, 2013

CSD // Unagi no Hi (Eel Day)

So on Saturday we went to the gay pride festival CSD. It was really fun to watch the parade. Afterwards we sat down and talked for hours ate some indian dinner and went home afterwards. It was so hot that day but I really enjoyed it.
So here are a few photos from the parade.

Aren't her legs beautiful?

Sorry for the bad photo. But the outfit was awsome!

Didn't get a proper photo. But it's alright anyway.

 I saw them again later. Their makeup was really pretty.

 That looked fantastic!


And some more DHL

The cards weren't that pretty but still it was fun. The people were in great mood and the atmosphere was very comfortable.

My outfit that day

Dress: Orsay
Belt: Liz Lisa

Yesterday it was also really hot. Around 34°C. A girl from the restaurant invited me for lunch. It was day of eel yesterday. So we could eat unagidon (eel on rice). It was so delicious! I never had eel before even in Japan. So I was happy I could eat it there.
We had a seat in the small tatami room.

Miso soup with spinach, hakusai-zuke (pickled cabbage), wakame-kyuuri-su (pickled cucumber and seewad) and the unagidon of course

My outfit yesterday and makeup shots that are better this time.

Last but not least I bought some new second hand stuff. I'm so in love with the first tee.

And that's it for now! I hope you like that post.
See you next time!

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