06 August, 2013

Farm, City and Supermarkets

So today Roy and me joined the host lady when she went downtown. First we went to a farm though. It was a very old building. The people there were so nice anlthough we did hardly hunderstand what they said.
We got cucumbers, eggplants and a watermelon as presents before we left again. The house they live in is really beautiful. Very old and huge. I think three or four couples live there. Like the parents and their children who are all married. So there are lots of people. We only met three of them though.
Afterwards we went to a market hall bought some stuff and went to a restaurant afterwards.
When we were finished with eating we went to a supermarket and also got some stuff there before we got home again.

on our way to the farm

city and many many mountains

old farm buldings

the roof of the one we went to

the entry room of the house

market hall

more mountains

wire sky

old houses

my lunch: tendon, udon

host's lunch: sushi, udon

in the supermarket

pudding, yogurt and stuff

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