04 August, 2013


So I finally went "downtown". It's a very beautiful and quiet city. There are lots of traditional buildings and historical places. Roy and I went to a museum and to a cafe to eat shaved ice. It tasted really good.
But in the hostel it was very busy. Many customers came to stay and we had to prepare food for so many people. Anyway I really enjoy the work here. The host is a really nice person and so are the others staying here.

In the evening we also had the time to see a firework. It was so nice. I even took a video of it.

In Yuasa village

Also Yuasa village during a small walk

It's so quiet


During my walk I even got kind of lost since I walked through so many small streets

Yuasa city

This is also in Yuasa city

Shaved ice with melon syrup

On the way back from city to village

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