02 August, 2013

Arrival in Japan

Hello everyone. As you know I'm in Japan right now.
I had a really long trip with the plane. I had to change in Doha. From Osaka I went to Wakayama by bus. Afterwards I took the train to Yuasa. I's a small but beautiful village near the sea. I work in a hostel now where I have to help to prepare the food, clean the rooms and whatever else.

Since I had free time today I could go to the sea with Roy, a student from Taiwan. Also we went to a temple and a shrine.

 From Frankfurt to Doha

 From Doha to Osaka. There was like nobody there. I was really nice.

From the plane

While riding the bus. Ferries Wheel from HEP5

View through my window

 Near the hostel



On the way to the beach

Beautiful beach!

In the afternoon we'll go "downtown" and Roy will show me some more places. I'm really looking forward seeing it.
Here is a short movie of being in front of the semui temple. The cicadas were so loud!

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