06 October, 2013

Cosplay & Outfit shots & Food

Since I'm back from Japan I work hard on my cosplay. It should be finished until Friday which is not even one week until then. But now my shoes don't arrive which annoys me so much. It's not much time anymore and I stil have to do so many things. I finished most of the sewing though. But my accessory still need so much work.

For those who do not know: I will cosplay San from Mononoke Hime. Here's a picture.

 These are the accessory: mask, knife, ears, teeth for the necklace, earrings. They are not dry yet. Also I have to paint them aferwards.

 The wig was some bright olive green before. I dyed it so it became this way. It's still a bit bright but better than before.

The fur and under it: the dress.

When I'm done with everything I will show you the result. I'm quite proud of me it worked out so good! I hope the accessory will also look good when I finished them. I'm not very talented in stuff like that.

Here are two outfit shots and a make-up shot from the last days.

 Finally I have bangs again! I missed it.

 Onepiece: axes femme
Shorts: axes femme

Poncho: Liz Lisa
Dress: Liz Lisa
Shorts: axes femme
Bag: Liz Lisa

Also I tried lots of different kinds of dishes within the last weeks. I love cooking even more than before sind I learned so much in Japan about it. I didn't take photos of everything. But I try to redo it and then taking some photos. If I can't at least I'll share the recipe if someone is interested. Stuff like deer with cherry-apple-sauce and turkey with apple-onion-sauce. I love to try out so many things. Also if you need help or ideas for cooking feel free to ask me.
Tonight it's gonna be hot Gulash. I'll take some photos and write down the recipe.


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