20 October, 2013

Recipe #5: Japanese Styled Pumpkin

This recipe is something I learned in Japan. You can use pumpkin, winter squash or like I did: kuri squash. We cooked it quite often there since we had a lot of pumpkin.

What you need for 2-3 persons:
1 kuri squash
2 carrots
~300ml water
2 tsp. Dashi powder
3 tbsp. Mirin
5 tbsp. Soy sauce

Cut the kuri squash and the carrots. Put them in a cooking pot and add water. I'm not sure about the right mix. You should taste the soup after adding dashi and the other stuff. It should be spicy and a bit salty. Now cook everything together for ~15minutes. Use a tooth pick to try if it's done. It should be soft and the tooth pick should go right through it.

Ready to serve!

I ate it with kumato tomatoes, rice and soy steak with tonkatsu sauce.
When I made it I cooked it a bit longer. So I could even eat the soup as pumpkin soup afterwards. It was really good!

 Since it's a perfect dish for fall please try it out!

Ageha ♥