10 October, 2013

Recipe, Cosplay & Review #3: Dresslink-Order

So I wanted to make Gulash on the day I wrote the last post. I put the meat from the freezer in the refridgerator for defrosting. But the meat was already bad... But we already prepared chili, onions and garlic so I decided to make a chili again and I took some photos. Since I already wrote an entry about chili I just updated it. You can find it here.

Today I want to show you my cosplay progress. I'm 90% done.
Just my mask is still missing since I ordered stuff to finish it but it didn't arrive yet. It's so annoying. I hope it'll come today so I can finally complete the cosplay.

 My clothes: dress, shirt, coat, shoes, hood

And the accessory: knife, earrings, necklace

I'm really proud it came out like this. I'm not very talented in this kind of things so...
But: I did it. So now I only have to cut the wig and do the final steps on the mask. Then I'm done.
Of course I'll show you photos then.

Finally after a while waiting my order from arrived.
This is what I ordered: bracelet
On their homepage it looked like this:

It was in a soft envelope and got no damage during shipping. So it looked like this when it arrived:

With flash

Without flash

I paid $2,68 for the bracelet itself and $0,86 for the slowest shipping without tracking.
They sent it on 26th September so it took two weeks to arrive.

As you can expect the quality isn't that good. But it's okay for the price I paid. I'm quite satisfied with it and I'd buy it again for now. Let's see how it'll be after some days of wearing it. I hope it won't become green too fast.

I ordered some more stuff that should arrive within 1-2 weeks. So I'm really looking forward to get it.

Thank you for reading!

Ageha ♥

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